Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throw Back Thursday...

Today I am going to tell you about my very first horse.  Not horses that were on my Grandfathers farm .. but the very first horse I bought and cared for on my own..

His name was Trojan - aptly named because of his enormous size as in the Trojan War Horse.  He was a Tennessee Walking Horse and a full 17 hands high at the withers.  The horse behind him was standing on higher ground.  He is the strawberry roan colored horse on the left side of this picture.  This was a typical sight .. as he was the favorite neighborhood horse and rarly only had 1 rider!

I met a man where I worked whose Father needed to sell a horse.  Trojan was living in a sand lot all by himself.  It just all felt right when I went to see him.  He was not registered... so when I first saw him, I was told he was 8.  When I agreed to buy him a week later, he was 10.  Then when I picked him up - he magically turned 12... (ahem)... No comment...

No worries - I had that wonderful feeling deep inside me that this horse was mine and I was right.  He was a great family horse...a gentle old soul.  Although he was not affectionate towards people - not liking to be fussed over, he was the most obedient and gentle natured animal we could ask for.  He was the highlight of every birthday party we had and everything I could ask for in a trail horse.  I learned a lot from Trojan.  I learned how to care for an aging horse whose teeth were useless or gone.  I learned how to manage a horses feet with and without shoes.  I learned how important it is for tack to fit the horse as well as the rider and so much more..

Recently at a family dinner, our daughters reflected of the things they loved the most about their childhoods and the 2 things mentioned first were growing up in the country and having the horses.  From there they launched off into multiple memories of sneeking out in the middle of the night for 'tackless night rides'; the time they felt guilty for riding him in the heat of the day - so they brought him into the house .. allowing him to cool off under the ceiling fan in the den!; .. or the many rides with their friends as pictured above..

Towards the end of his life, he survived a massive heart attack and lived an additional 5 years as 'yard art' before he passed away at the ripe old age of 30.  We had the priviledge of loving Trojan for 18 years.  He had a stroke and could no longer stand for any lenght of time without falling.  Our hearts broke as we had to make the decision to have him put down.  To make matters worse, it was just 6 months prior to moving to our farm, so we were unable to bury him here...but he will forever be in our hearts. 

Thank you Lord for such a Blessing - one packaged with 4 hooves and an orange mane and tail!  We could not have asked for a better companion for our daughters!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Antique Post Cards

I love to write notes.  I love antique's that lend themselves to writting - an antique desk ~ especially the smaller ladies desk with many cubbies and slots for collectables.  I have an antique mother of pearl pen, letter opener and a few more delicate writting items that I cherish.
Also - for those of you who are Downton Abbey Fans:  Did  you notice how the latest eppisode was wrapped around the written word?  The anticipation of the application to participate in the cooking school, Mary's sad letter of congratulations to a former suiter, to the 50 pounds loaned to the farmer that would be finialized through a letter...and so many more!
Well - in the spirit of that, I give you some lovely antique post cards! 

...and just so you get a taste of the Abbey - here you go!  Cora at her finest!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fatima Tomaeva-Gabellini - Artist in Review

Thank you so much S Patton for finding the artist!

A while ago I posted this water color painting not knowing who the artist was - but thankfully one of the readers did!!!  It is truly lovely - isn't it!!

Well, now that I know the artist is Fatima Tomaeva-Gabellini, I was able to locate more of her work and a bit about her.

Osetinian artist Fatima Tomaeva-Gabellini was born on November 5, 1967 in the city of Vladikavkaz, Russia.
From 1986 to 1991 graduated from the Art School of Vladikavkaz, later she studied art in Italy.

 Since 1998 she lives and works in Italy.

 Multifaceted talent, ranging from fifteenth-century Russian Orthodox iconography to more modern shapes of the female body in the most diverse attitudes and plastic movements.
A vigorous and colourful brush stroke, which captures the delicacy as well as the balanced design of the anatomy of the body.

The artist positioning is to execute any mobile or static subject, which seems to fly freely in the space allotted in the canvas so as to evade impressive realism.